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Author of the new book released on Amazon: Personal Transformation for Women - How to Build Self-Awareness. Michelle brings more than 10 years of strategic planning to her coaching practice.

Beyond her educational experience as a classroom teacher, professional development facilitator, and school administrator, she has completed her second graduate degree in applied behavior analysis. As she prepares for the board examination to become a BCBA. She is working on her doctoral degree in behavioral health. Her field of interest in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Her goal is to help adults and children deal with setbacks, trauma, and hardships strategically. Her motto is “your current circumstance does not define your future, it only makes you stronger.” She gets her clients to view the challenge as a temporary situation that can be used as a stepping stone through effective planning and execution.

Michelle’s practice is client-centered. She loves looking for solutions that may not be easily seen, refusing to settle for quick answers to important situations, she provides tailored questioning to help navigate a course towards her clients’ most heartfelt desires. Her focus is to achieve high impact results with her clients.

Her focus is on you -- your Breakthrough!

One of her early mentors said to her: “ Michelle you naturally develop solution-focused systems to alleviate problems. She listens effectively and knows how one situation flows to the next and is aware of how each step connects to the outcome. She continues to grow and learn ways to coach and share her resources with her amazing students.”

The Rise Sparkle Community brings together people from all cultures, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds to create a safer and happy place of living. Many of the community members take advantage of the various program offered: 1:1 coaching service, group coaching sessions, consulting, training and speaking engagements. This high impact organization is currently located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among All

  • A seasoned educator and school administrator with 20 years of experience coaching and inspiring all generations.
  • Focused on training others in self-development and organizational culture.
  • Passionate and focused on transforming lives through strategic planning.

New Courses available March 2021


This book is to encourage, empower, inspire, and ignite the superhero that is within us all. I am committed to a life of human service and the achievement of high impact results internally and externally that we are all capable of attaining. Life is locomotion, we have to keep moving on our journey. With the proper support, we could unleash our superpower to help light the path for others.

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