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I created this community, Rise and Sparkle Motivation to share the learning experiences and information that I learned on my transformative journey with you. I want you to have your own unique transformational experience and create the lifestyle you deserve with our best motivational speakers. Our programs and training sessions are designed to help you accomplish your personal and organizational goals. The world needs to hear your voice and feel your impact. Be the symbol of inspiration for all of us to admire!

We are committed to supporting you and converting your goals into accomplishments. Hire motivational speakers for transforming your life objectives in a better way.

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Michelle Reyes

One of the Best and Famous Motivational Speaker in the US

Encourage. Support. Transform. Soar.
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Life Coach Training

Invest in you dream. You have selected a high-quality life coach training platform. Become a successful professional life coach at your own pace. Our course will assist with the development of skills that you can use in any coach profession or niche. We will provide you the best motivational speakers in US who can help you with the resources and materials that you can easily implement with your clients. Feel confident with the implementation of coaching techniques and get paying clients. Make the decision today to increase your expertise, develop long-lasting relationships, and build a rewarding business with the consistent help from famous motivational speakers. You have made it to the best choice for lifetime support and a coach family community. Join our coach alumni team.

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Life Coach Personal Session

Women living in our society, working in the field and where ever they are representing themselves they always need a motivation and empowerment to pursue better in their life. We have women motivational speakers who will train you on each skill which can motivate you to do creative and expand efficiently in your career.

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Online Coach Professional Session

I know the challenges of balancing work/life commitments. That is the reason that I made my coaching sessions available on an online platform. I would love to listen to your needs, develop an individualized coaching plan, construct short-term and long-term objectives, and strategies to help you achieve your goals. We have female motivational speakers specially for such female who can’t reach us and are in a great of motivation so we can serve them surely. Please feel free to contact me so we can work together. I am very confident that you will get value out of my coaching services.

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Student Mentoring Sessions

My mission is to empower teens to communicate effectively and make sound decisions. Our youth need caring and consistent relationships with adults in order to navigate their way through adolescence and beyond. Mentoring is an effective way to provide guidance and support to our young people in need. As an experienced educator and coach, I know that the development of a trusting mutually satisfying relationship is critical to the improvement of academic performance, self-awareness, and social competence. My goal is to implement our program, strategies, and resources in a group setting to encourage our youth to be passionate about their future. Provide efficient and friendly motivational speakers for students for developing a growth mindset and a blueprint for college and career readiness. Most importantly a plan and motivation with intervention for sustainability.

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This book is to encourage, empower, inspire, and ignite the superhero that is within us all. I am committed to a life of human service and the achievement of high impact results internally and externally that we are all capable of attaining. Life is locomotion, we have to keep moving on our journey. With the proper support, we could unleash our superpower to help light the path for others.

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Slide I selected the book “Personal Transformation for Women” as a summer reading. This book was an absolute life changer for me. Where has this book been all my life? The author gives her own personal experiences, connects with the reader, and provides a blueprint with steps to put into action immediately. I feel so empowered and unstoppable after reading this book. I am recommending this book to all my friends. - Wajid Rosario I am extremely impressed with the life coach training provided by Rise & Sparkle Motivation. The quality of training and support was amazing. I learned so much! The training, resources, and materials are absolutely priceless. I am excited to apply the skills learned into actual practice. Most importantly I found a supportive community! - Mark Warner - Arelis Pichardo Michelle is truly a remarkable human being and an amazing coach. She helped me develop an understanding of fear, how to process it, and channel it correctly towards my goals. I know that every individual goes through rough patches and that makes us human. I am going to make decisions that align with my dreams with confidence and not be driven by fear.

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